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Come on Sun!

March 29, 2011

It is so good to see the sun! We spent 7 days on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, that were glorious, so we are more than ready for spring to really arrive!  I’m in the process of trying to figure out the best way to use ” social networking” to let people know about my business…attending seminars, presentations and ” mix and mingle” opportunities to spread the word!

 I would love for any of you who read these posts to pass my book and business website on…..because it will ultimately help the Adoption Council of Canada ( 15% of my sales goes to them) , as well as Childrens Action Network in the U.S.

  I’m going to be on CMT this weekend too…” Kortney and Dave-by request”  because they happen to be adoptive parents and very interested in adoption and learning about how things work in Canada vs. the U.S. It’s on this Saturday April 2 at 7: 00 p.m.  Tune in!

    Don’t forget the occasions you’d like to celebrate in adoptive families! Birthmothers Day is right around the corner!   Follow me on  Twitter and Facebook too!    Happy Spring!   Deborah xo.


I’m Back!

March 5, 2011

I am finally back here to check in! The holiday period was very busy, as I attended and exhibited Labours of Love Designs at 3  Christmas craft shows, and by  December 25 I was spent! The experience was great and helpful in how best to go forward with this venture. I had wonderfully positive feedback, but I was fascinated to see how people still  think about adoption   with an ” outdated” perspective. It is 2011 everyone!!

  Those personally touched by adoption either  felt my concept was fantastic….while others, not so much. It depends of course on each persons unique and individual perspective. Such a very personal issue…but this I know ! I loved meeting great people , hearing their stories and sharing our journey. Thank you to all those who stopped by to chat, to purchase and to comment! I appreciate it so much!

    I am also excited to tell you that I am now a board member of The Adoption Council of Canada! I’ve been working with the council on different projects for the past few years( like AdoptWalk) , but now I can hopefully do more in the political arena, and media to help raise awareness and find support for the great work the ACC  does. Check out  for information about how you can help, first by becoming a member! I am feeling more optimistic than ever, that things are headed in the right direction for Canada’s Waiting Children and the adoption community! We can all play a part in it, and I encourage you to help!

   I’m still working on a childrens book, Labours of Love Designs, finding media opportunities to spread the word and have even joined Facebook and Twitter!!  Never thought I would be doing this, but it is a new world, and anything that will help achieve our goals is a part of the process!

       I’ll be sure to be better at staying in touch. Happy Spring everyone!       Deborah.