I don’t know about you, but if I am expecting something that  I am looking forward to….to happen, and it doesn’t – I can sometimes get annoyed….okay, not sometimes…..most of the time!!

              I apologize to any of you who have been checking to see my online business materialize, only to find that my  proposed date  of   launch, just keeps slipping!! Then again, maybe you are all having a busy great summer and aren’t even noticing! In either case, the truth is I did not anticipate the  amount of work and preparation that launching a new  business entails…. WOW!

     When I do officially launch ” Labours of Love Designs”  ( now probably Sept. 1)  I want to be absolutely  ready to respond to customers well, with regards to shipping, questions, requests etc., because that’s the foundation of good retail            Serve the customer…always.

  So if you can bear with me, just a little longer…I hope you will see it was worth the wait!   I will be at the NACAC conference in Hartford Connecticut in less than two weeks ( August 4-7), and I am very , very excited to be there. I hope you will drop by and see our booth, when you are at this excellent conference.

                      Thanks for hanging in……..Deborah.


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