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Here Come the Brides

April 12, 2010

       I  love  weddings…I thought I might even enjoy being a  wedding planner, but I didn’t get on with it….Diana  joyfully joined  our family, and my life took another path!  Her birthmother is getting married this summer, and we are all excited about the news. The announcement  brought a question to Dianas mind….( the groom is not Dianas birthdad)  she asked…”  Does this mean I am going to have a step- birthfather? ‘  WOW !…. How do you answer THAT?? 

           I  replied…”  good question!!”   followed  by…” It means you’ll have more family to love and to love you…His family are looking forward to meeting Diana too….how  wonderful that she will get to know them…we are so pleased.

        My beautiful   niece is also getting married soon,  on May 1  !  Diana is a junior  bridesmaid and our son Daniel , an usher. It will be a lovely , happy day….again we are lucky to begin another family connection. My sister and her husband will be shedding buckets of happy tears…and I’ll be close behind with tissues for us all. These are  occasions that  mark milestones, and remind us of how fortunate we are…

          I am working on ” Labours of Love Designs”  , and was hoping to have it ready to launch by now, but I have decided to wait until  July 1, when this HST business takes effect….otherwise I’d start off  trying to figure it all out a second time!  I am so excited about the cards and gifts for the adoption community that will be offered…I hope you will all enjoy the variety , quality, and significance of the  products…..worth the wait!

          Today I did a short interview with  ” The Motts”   who  were with NewsTalk 1010,  but now have a daily show from 11 a.m – 12  p.m.  in from Erin….you can hear it online at    . We talked about the little Russian  boy, whose adoptive mom sent him back to Russia with a backpack and a note.  BRUTAL.  I  can imagine the challenges she faced….but, please. I hope  that perhaps a Russian family will be able to give him the family/home/support he will need for a lifetime.

               Bye for now….    Deb.