What a weekend…the Olympics, Valentines Day, Family Day… head just might  burst. 

                    One  minute my heart swells with pride to watch our country be enthusiatic and show patriotism for once ( we Canadians can be so predictably  subdued ), and then I think about the cost of all this hoopla…..where’s the money for adoption??

        Valentines Day…..for me just another Hallmark  Holiday …..why does everyone run out for cards/chocolate/boxers with hearts on them , and jewellery only on Feb. 14……I like to go against the grain and show my love for my friends and family unexpectedly, with gestures that require only effort…not credit cards….

       Family Day….really……do we  need a designated day to remind us to spend time  together? I can only say that these days I’m feeling that  instead of loving each other the old- fashioned way, with conversation, time spent, a warm caress, …. we’re texting/twittering/blogging/facebooking and my spacing  ourselves into technological robots.  Enough already!!!!

                I need a hug.


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