Haiti Horror

There are literally no words to describe the horrific , and devastating results of the earthquake that has physically and emotionally dessimated Haiti. The images of death, destruction, and despair are nothing short of heartbreaking and sickening.

For those who have adopted children from Haiti, or are in the process, are devastated. Those who want to adopt , naturally feel moved to do whatever they can to bring an orphan from Haiti to Canada.

It is beyond me, that we as a ¬†country, society, world, can boast such great advances in science, technology and commerce….and yet we can fail so miserably in mobilizing and delivering the human aid this country needs, in a timely and efficient way. I know I am naive about the loopholes,red tape.., physical logistics ,.blah blah blah, that present challenges…but good grief…where is the coordinated leadership for this mission.??? It just seems countries are throwing money, supplies,people ( thousands of them) to this effort, but a week later they are just now seeing some results….

It is wonderful that such incredible amounts of financial resources are being raised for Haiti, from all over the world….but….where is it going…..who’s controlling its destiny?? I hope it will be managed well , both in the short term and for the longterm, in the rebuilding of this country. Perhaps this will be an opportunity for Haiti to emerge from under the rubble to become a legitimate , law abiding, and stable country. That is what we should all pray for, after our prayers for all of its orphans are answered.

Having said all of that…..PLEASE don’t forget about Canadas orphans…..over 100,000 in foster care, over 27,000 available for adoption. They also need our help. My wish for 2010 is progress in finding forever families for all of Canadas Kids.


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