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Adoption Awareness Month

November 19, 2009

I can’t let this month go by without recognizing November- ” Adoption Awareness Month` I think everyone who has been touched deeply by adoption is AWARE, but what concerns me is that EVERYONE should be aware….

Aware of all the children in foster care…aware of the thousands of them who are crown wards….aware of all the barriers in adoption we need to overcome……. aware that it will take our collective energies to make positive change!!

Forgive a little rant here, but I`m afraid I`m on a bit of a roll…..We`ve had to deal with unscrupulous plumbers,a car manufacturer not willing to do the right thing, and other assorted circumstances that really make me question where our integrity as a society has gone! It is discouraging and sad, to say the least.

I wrote an article for a little magazine called `Silver and Gold`about our adoption, as it relates to giftgiving ,and the holidays that will soon be upon us. You can read it at , and it is called `The Ultimate Gift`

The gift I would love for Christmas , would be to hear that more children in Canada have found forever families. I would ask all of you to do your part to make this happen…whether it`s writing a letter to your M.P.P or M.P. , raising funds , awareness, or participating in support programs….next year at this time, it would be SO great to have better news about Canadas waiting children

Happy Adoption Awareness Month !!!!!