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What a Day!

October 22, 2009

The AdoptWalk was great!   The weather could not have been better, the kids all had a  super time,  great prizes   were won, and the  gathering of familes, was  wonderful to see!  We are already thinking about next year, and for all of you outside of Ontario, we need your help in organizing walks for every province!  If you want to be on a planning team…please contact me, and I can help  you get started! I think for the first event , it was a great success,  in beginning to increasing awareness about domestic  adoption,  and the profound need for funding  for all parts of the adoption constellation….

    We do need to mobilize our efforts in reaching out more to the private sector, the  corporations  who are willing to partner with The Adoption Council of Canada to help in SO MANY AREAS……So again, if you are reading this, and are connected to someone or some company that has the desire to help children…please be in touch….remember…in Canada…there are over 100,000  kids in care, and over 27,000 of those are available for adoption.  For a country as prosperous and loving as Canada…that is just unacceptable. All I need to do is think of all those kids going to bed every night,   wondering where and how they are going to end up….and I stay motivated….

       So this is turning into a plea for help, but help is so needed.  I will  continue my efforts, but right now, I think the flu is visiting our house, and we’ll all be on a staycation for a  while…it has started with Diana. I’m  going to set a record for handwashing I  think.  Gotta go….popsicle run……stay well.


Time to Walk!!!

October 9, 2009

Wow…the time has gone by so quickly, and AdoptWalk is only about a week away….It has been a challenge to get registrations… for sure, and at this point everyone says that next week, the numbers will climb. I sure hope so!
I haven’t been here because the walk has consumed pretty much all of my free time. Now what we need… is good weather, and walkers!! If you see this and want to register or donate please do, either at or you can pledge for our family…we are walking with Dianas birthmother, which will be great! go to for this option, and just specify the Brennan family…..I’ll check back in after the walk….Happy Thanksgiving!! Deborah.