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The Party’s Almost Over

August 29, 2009

It’s been too long since I last checked in, but it has been a busy summer…not all play! I’ve been working away on the first annual AdoptWalk, and it is less than two months away!! Oct. 18- Port Credit. I hope you’ll join us in support of the Adoption Community! There is info and registration ability online at , The Adoption Council of Ontario website. Please consider participating, by walking, sponsoring someone, or simply sending a donation.
The release of the export panels’ research and recommendations in infertility and adoption , this past week, will I hope be a catalyst for change. The report is in a nutshell ,saying exactly what both of these communities have been saying for years, but it wraps all the details in up in a ” professional” package for all to read and ponder. Check it out on the Ministry of Youth and Child Services website. Of course , the most important result of it will be if and when ,some of the recommendations will be acted on……time will tell!
Anything to get the conversation going among movers and shakers is a good thing, and I will try to be optimistic and use this report to keep the chat going.
When I say party, I’m talking about the summer we were all longing for. I am now doing what many of you might also be doing…readying my children for the new school year…talking about what we hope for them, as well as what we expect from them….as usual! I remember still this anticipation, as a kid myself, of school….excitement, nerves, and thinking about the promise of seeing old friends and making new ones. It was and is a pivotal time for children….the start of another important chapter!!
I am looking forward to the AdoptWalk, the next A.R.E., and the resumption of the LOLA support group here in Oakville, for adoptive parents and potential adoptive parents…stay tuned for more definative news about these events soon.
All the best for the last days of summer and back to school!! Deborah.