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Is Love Enough?

February 9, 2009

With Valentines Day on the horizon, we all think about those in our lives that we love…top of the list…our kids! Sometimes I wonder what it means in our family, with our biological son, and Diana, who was adopted at birth. Because we have an open adoption, Diana regularly is reminded that she indeed has two moms, another brother…another family, besides ours. We all express our love by actions and words, every day, but sometimes I wonder if that is enough to allay any insecurities or wonderings about her adoption.
Diana had the benefit of a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and a loving permanent home right from the start…and I know that sadly this is not the case for many kids in care. I know a good foundation has to start with love….but there is so much more isn’t there, when it comes to parenting? Our son taught us much before Diana joined our family, but the experience of adoption stretches one’s emotional capacity to the max, as there is always the consideration of your childs roots/ heritage/and inherited traits that never cease to surprise and test us. I am grateful to have Dianas birthmom to share these things with…helps a little to unravel the questions.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this….what are your biggest challenges in giving love, and receiving love from your children, and what other attributes in being a parent the most important in your situation?? Happy Valentines Day!