Come on Sun!

March 29, 2011

It is so good to see the sun! We spent 7 days on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, that were glorious, so we are more than ready for spring to really arrive!  I’m in the process of trying to figure out the best way to use ” social networking” to let people know about my business…attending seminars, presentations and ” mix and mingle” opportunities to spread the word!

 I would love for any of you who read these posts to pass my book and business website on…..because it will ultimately help the Adoption Council of Canada ( 15% of my sales goes to them) , as well as Childrens Action Network in the U.S.

  I’m going to be on CMT this weekend too…” Kortney and Dave-by request”  because they happen to be adoptive parents and very interested in adoption and learning about how things work in Canada vs. the U.S. It’s on this Saturday April 2 at 7: 00 p.m.  Tune in!

    Don’t forget the occasions you’d like to celebrate in adoptive families! Birthmothers Day is right around the corner!   Follow me on  Twitter and Facebook too!    Happy Spring!   Deborah xo.


I’m Back!

March 5, 2011

I am finally back here to check in! The holiday period was very busy, as I attended and exhibited Labours of Love Designs at 3  Christmas craft shows, and by  December 25 I was spent! The experience was great and helpful in how best to go forward with this venture. I had wonderfully positive feedback, but I was fascinated to see how people still  think about adoption   with an ” outdated” perspective. It is 2011 everyone!!

  Those personally touched by adoption either  felt my concept was fantastic….while others, not so much. It depends of course on each persons unique and individual perspective. Such a very personal issue…but this I know ! I loved meeting great people , hearing their stories and sharing our journey. Thank you to all those who stopped by to chat, to purchase and to comment! I appreciate it so much!

    I am also excited to tell you that I am now a board member of The Adoption Council of Canada! I’ve been working with the council on different projects for the past few years( like AdoptWalk) , but now I can hopefully do more in the political arena, and media to help raise awareness and find support for the great work the ACC  does. Check out  for information about how you can help, first by becoming a member! I am feeling more optimistic than ever, that things are headed in the right direction for Canada’s Waiting Children and the adoption community! We can all play a part in it, and I encourage you to help!

   I’m still working on a childrens book, Labours of Love Designs, finding media opportunities to spread the word and have even joined Facebook and Twitter!!  Never thought I would be doing this, but it is a new world, and anything that will help achieve our goals is a part of the process!

       I’ll be sure to be better at staying in touch. Happy Spring everyone!       Deborah.


August 26, 2010

Hi All!
Well , my ” Labours of Love Designs” online launch is only days away!! Sept. 1 is the day!!
My trip to NACAC was awesome and tiring!! Long drive there and back, but I was excited to receive rave reviews on my adoption greeting card line, and specialized gifts!!
I met some wonderful people, all there for their passion for adoption, personally and professionally. It was terrific to be able to listen to their stories and hear their enthusiasm for helping the adoption community in various ways. The NACAC conference is such a valuable forum, inspiring to attend, listen, express and learn. I highly recommend going! Next year it will be in Denver, Colorado! How cool that will be!!
When I returned from Hartford, I collapsed for a few days, and then joined n my family at our favorite family resort on Rice Lake. Fishing is the focus there, for my husband and son….MUSKIE…and lo and behold, they pulled in what may win the annual Big Fish contest…a 51 inch, 26 lb. Muskie….they were in heaven, and after picture taking, the big guy went back to his daily Muskie activities…
September is a great time to start my new venture…it’s back to school, down to business after this spectacular summer. I predict it will be another mild fall….which would make me happy…as long as Thanksgiving includes cool temperatures and colourful leaves….but I am jumping ahead…
Don’t forget ADOPTWALK this year! It is on September 26th. Get your walking shoes out for this fun family event…and help the Adoption Council of Ontario…I will be there with my exhibit, so I hope to see you there!!!
so….Sept. 1….check out my new website
Cheers! Deborah.


July 23, 2010


             I don’t know about you, but if I am expecting something that  I am looking forward to….to happen, and it doesn’t – I can sometimes get annoyed….okay, not sometimes…..most of the time!!

              I apologize to any of you who have been checking to see my online business materialize, only to find that my  proposed date  of   launch, just keeps slipping!! Then again, maybe you are all having a busy great summer and aren’t even noticing! In either case, the truth is I did not anticipate the  amount of work and preparation that launching a new  business entails…. WOW!

     When I do officially launch ” Labours of Love Designs”  ( now probably Sept. 1)  I want to be absolutely  ready to respond to customers well, with regards to shipping, questions, requests etc., because that’s the foundation of good retail            Serve the customer…always.

  So if you can bear with me, just a little longer…I hope you will see it was worth the wait!   I will be at the NACAC conference in Hartford Connecticut in less than two weeks ( August 4-7), and I am very , very excited to be there. I hope you will drop by and see our booth, when you are at this excellent conference.

                      Thanks for hanging in……..Deborah.

Where did May go?

June 7, 2010

Time seems to speed up when a significant date is looming….for me it is the upcoming launch of ” Labours of Love Designs”.

I’m having a wonderful time putting this new venture together, because it combines two of my passions… design and adoption!!
Everything is coming together for a July 1 launch, and when it is official, I’ll be sending announcement out to everyone and then some!
My nieces wedding was just beautiful despite a bit of rain… They are a wonderful couple, and I wish them a long and healthy life together! Now we are gearing up for our daughters birthmoms soon…fingers crossed for good weather for her garden wedding!
I still have plans to write some childrens adoption books, and am sending proposals to publishers…it is always a very long process….

Stay tuned for the announcement! Deborah.

Here Come the Brides

April 12, 2010

       I  love  weddings…I thought I might even enjoy being a  wedding planner, but I didn’t get on with it….Diana  joyfully joined  our family, and my life took another path!  Her birthmother is getting married this summer, and we are all excited about the news. The announcement  brought a question to Dianas mind….( the groom is not Dianas birthdad)  she asked…”  Does this mean I am going to have a step- birthfather? ‘  WOW !…. How do you answer THAT?? 

           I  replied…”  good question!!”   followed  by…” It means you’ll have more family to love and to love you…His family are looking forward to meeting Diana too….how  wonderful that she will get to know them…we are so pleased.

        My beautiful   niece is also getting married soon,  on May 1  !  Diana is a junior  bridesmaid and our son Daniel , an usher. It will be a lovely , happy day….again we are lucky to begin another family connection. My sister and her husband will be shedding buckets of happy tears…and I’ll be close behind with tissues for us all. These are  occasions that  mark milestones, and remind us of how fortunate we are…

          I am working on ” Labours of Love Designs”  , and was hoping to have it ready to launch by now, but I have decided to wait until  July 1, when this HST business takes effect….otherwise I’d start off  trying to figure it all out a second time!  I am so excited about the cards and gifts for the adoption community that will be offered…I hope you will all enjoy the variety , quality, and significance of the  products…..worth the wait!

          Today I did a short interview with  ” The Motts”   who  were with NewsTalk 1010,  but now have a daily show from 11 a.m – 12  p.m.  in from Erin….you can hear it online at    . We talked about the little Russian  boy, whose adoptive mom sent him back to Russia with a backpack and a note.  BRUTAL.  I  can imagine the challenges she faced….but, please. I hope  that perhaps a Russian family will be able to give him the family/home/support he will need for a lifetime.

               Bye for now….    Deb.

Here Comes the Sun!!!

March 9, 2010

It does my heart good to see the glorious sunshine, smell the hint of spring in the air and look forward to March Break!!!

We can finally get beyond the dreary months of January/Feb. and see summer in sight! I have to say that watching the Olympics, I think, really helped to lift our collective spirits as well….many proud, touching and thrilling moments!! It was GREAT!

I can say that my perky mood is also a result of my new venture ” Labours of Love Designs”…soon to be fully unveiled. I hope it will serve to help the adoption community celebrate, commemorate and connect with one another. A percentage of it’s success will also be given to the Adoption Council of Canada to support their initiatives across the country…such important work.

I will continue to do some speaking, and will attend the NACAC conference in the U.S. this summer. In addition I am in conversations with some publishers about another book! It is shaping up to be a busy , but very exciting year….

Enjoy the sun everyone and Happy March Break!!


February 13, 2010

      What a weekend…the Olympics, Valentines Day, Family Day… head just might  burst. 

                    One  minute my heart swells with pride to watch our country be enthusiatic and show patriotism for once ( we Canadians can be so predictably  subdued ), and then I think about the cost of all this hoopla…..where’s the money for adoption??

        Valentines Day…..for me just another Hallmark  Holiday …..why does everyone run out for cards/chocolate/boxers with hearts on them , and jewellery only on Feb. 14……I like to go against the grain and show my love for my friends and family unexpectedly, with gestures that require only effort…not credit cards….

       Family Day….really……do we  need a designated day to remind us to spend time  together? I can only say that these days I’m feeling that  instead of loving each other the old- fashioned way, with conversation, time spent, a warm caress, …. we’re texting/twittering/blogging/facebooking and my spacing  ourselves into technological robots.  Enough already!!!!

                I need a hug.

Haiti Horror

January 20, 2010

There are literally no words to describe the horrific , and devastating results of the earthquake that has physically and emotionally dessimated Haiti. The images of death, destruction, and despair are nothing short of heartbreaking and sickening.

For those who have adopted children from Haiti, or are in the process, are devastated. Those who want to adopt , naturally feel moved to do whatever they can to bring an orphan from Haiti to Canada.

It is beyond me, that we as a  country, society, world, can boast such great advances in science, technology and commerce….and yet we can fail so miserably in mobilizing and delivering the human aid this country needs, in a timely and efficient way. I know I am naive about the loopholes,red tape.., physical logistics ,.blah blah blah, that present challenges…but good grief…where is the coordinated leadership for this mission.??? It just seems countries are throwing money, supplies,people ( thousands of them) to this effort, but a week later they are just now seeing some results….

It is wonderful that such incredible amounts of financial resources are being raised for Haiti, from all over the world….but….where is it going…..who’s controlling its destiny?? I hope it will be managed well , both in the short term and for the longterm, in the rebuilding of this country. Perhaps this will be an opportunity for Haiti to emerge from under the rubble to become a legitimate , law abiding, and stable country. That is what we should all pray for, after our prayers for all of its orphans are answered.

Having said all of that…..PLEASE don’t forget about Canadas orphans…..over 100,000 in foster care, over 27,000 available for adoption. They also need our help. My wish for 2010 is progress in finding forever families for all of Canadas Kids.

Merry, Merry!

December 24, 2009

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season, and a healthy happy 2010! I hope you will have loved ones around you to hug, and good things on the horizon to look forward to! Best wishes from the Brennan family!